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Help Contribute to our Annual Fund

Help inspire imaginations and enrich lives! At a time when support for the arts is being frozen by the government and cut from corporate budgets, we are increasingly more dependent on the generosity of donors who realize how important art is to our well being, as individuals and as a community.  Class fees alone do not cover all of our basic expenses let alone allow us to increase our staff of dedicated instructors, bring in more quality exhibits, or respond to all requests for outreach programs that bring art to underserved popultions.

Make a donation in celebration of someone on your holiday gift list.  Take advantage of the tax deduction before the year end.  Whatever your reason for giving, know that your gift is being used in the most fiscally responsible way to help keep the visual arts alive in Park Ridge and its surrounding communities.  Click here to make your contribution today!

Become a member

More details to come on this very soon!


Brickton offers unique internship opportunities for high school and college students interested in furthering their experience in the field of Visual Arts.  Brickton is currently seeking summer interns to fill the following positions:

Art Education:  The Art Education Intern may assist BAC teachers with light teaching responsibilities, maintaining and organizing classroom materials and supplies and helping hang finished artwork around the center.

Museum Studies:  The Museum Studies Intern may assist with daily operations in the gallery which include assisting in hanging or taking down shows, preparing walls, and assisting with other gallery-related promotional events. 

Arts Administration: The Arts Administration Intern will assist with and learn daily operations of non-profit management.

Art Therapy:  The Art Therapy Intern may assist the Outreach Director in all areas of Art Therapy and Outreach.

Graphic Design:  The Graphic Design Intern may assist with projects involving the creation of flyers and other promotional material.  May assist with projects involving social media initiatives. 




Brickton offers many volunteer opportunities for all ages and abilities. If you have a special talent or just some free time and are interested in sharing your time and experience give us a call at 847.823.6611 or drop us an e-mail see contact us page


Contact Theresa at All internships and volunteer positions are unpaid.


Please donate items, supplies and services if you can!


Paper Towels, Toliet Paper, Paintbrushes, Printer Ink (hp60), Stamps,  Storage Furniture,  surface wipes


Do you have a skill that you would like to share with us?  Why not donate some of your time to Brickton!

We are currently looking for Microsoft Access Expertise, Grant Writers, Fundraising Ideas and more!


Does Your company have a donation matching program?  Is your company known for supporting non-profits or the arts?  If so, please let us know if you would like to support BAC! 

We are currently looking for Professional Painters, Discounted or Free Printing Services and an Electrician for minor work.


Other Ways of Supporting BAC?  Please let us know!

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